Our Club Events

Club Events are a great way to start time trialling in a friendly and encouraging environment and a good way to get to know people in the Club. We run a series of Time Trials weekly on Monday nights throughout the summer. These consist of 10 mile events on the J2/1 and a Hill Climb up The Cat and Fiddle. They are a great way to measure your progress and meet other members. For first claim members there is a handicap and a Mens and separate Womens scratch competition.

If the event is full they will have priority.

Event Details

The entry fee for club events is £3.00 per event payable on the night. Entries will be run on a first come, first served basis. If you wish for an early ride, please turn up early.

Signing on closes at 6:45 prompt. The organiser needs to get to the start line in plenty of time.

  • 10 Mile Events

Our 10 mile time trial course is J2/1. View course map.

First rider off at 7pm, sign on before 6.45pm. The HQ is the car park at Astra Zeneca on the A34 at the traffic lights opposite Bollington Lane.

  • Hill Climb Series

Details for 2016 to be confirmed. 


Club Handicap Championship

Si and Rich at the Manchester Wheelers Club 10The Manchester Wheelers' Handicap Championship is made up of the Club Time Trials, the Hill Climb plus an Open 25 and an Open 50 mile event. Points are awarded for positions in each event, so everyone has a chance of winning. The Championship is generally closely fought with different people leading the competition at various points.

  • Open 25 Mile Event

Stretford Wheelers CC 25 on Saturday 4th June 2016

  • Open 50 Mile Event

Cheshire Roads Club on Saturday 23rd July 2016



There are 100 points are available for marshalling that count towards the overall classification. Please inform the organiser at least 7 days before the event if you wish to marshal, if all marshalling places have been allocated then the rider will have to offer on another date.

Marshalling is generally very easy and entails nothing more than standing on a roundabout directing the riders in the correct direction.

We really struggle most weeks so any help would be very welcome. There will be a marshalling thread on the forum nearer the time.

More information can be found on the forum


2016 Events

Date Organising Club Course HQ Club Social Results
02/05/2016 Stockport Clarion J2/1 AstraZeneca ClubAZ    
09/05/2016 MWC J2/1 AstraZeneca ClubAZ Edgerton Arms (Chelford village)  
16/05/2016 Stockport Clarion J2/1 AstraZeneca ClubAZ    
23/05/2016 MWC J2/1 AstraZeneca ClubAZ    
30/05/2016 Stockport Clarion J2/1 AstraZeneca ClubAZ    
04/06/2016 Stretford Wheelers CC '25' J2/9 TBC Edgerton Arms (Chelford village)  
06/06/2016 MWC J2/1 AstraZeneca ClubAZ    
13/06/2016 Stockport Clarion J2/1 AstraZeneca ClubAZ    
20/06/2016 MWC J2/1 AstraZeneca ClubAZ    
27/06/2016 Stockport Clarion J2/1 AstraZeneca ClubAZ    
04/07/2016 MWC J2/1 AstraZeneca ClubAZ Edgerton Arms (Chelford village)  
11/07/2016 Stockport Clarion J2/1 AstraZeneca ClubAZ    
18/07/2016 MWC J2/1 AstraZeneca ClubAZ    
23/07/2016 Cheshire Roads Club '50' J4/9 TBC    
25/07/2016 Stockport Clarion J2/1 AstraZeneca ClubAZ    
28/07/2016 Cat & Fiddle Hill Climb J9/7 Fence Lane or Peak View Tea Rooms Peak View Tea Rooms  
01/08/2016 MWC J2/1 AstraZeneca ClubAZ    
08/08/2016 Stockport Clarion J2/1 AstraZeneca ClubAZ    
15/08/2016 MWC J2/1 AstraZeneca ClubAZ Bengal Tiger Lilly (near to HQ)  


Download the documents at the top of the page for more details on the events and points system.