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About Jerry

Forum name: Jerry
Years cycling: 40
Years racing: as above
Type of racing: TT,Track, MTB, tiny amount of RR
Biggest cycling achievements:

  • PB's 10 Mile 19:50 25 Mile 51:46 50  50 Mile 1:49:54
  • Club Records Tandem 10 & 25 Miles
  • 4th World Masters Points 2013
  • 3rd National Masters IP 2013
  • 1st Vets Duo Normande


Jerry cycling on the trackWe are very lucky to have a fantastic velodrome in Manchester and opportunity to race on the track right on our doorstep. There are several leagues and it is also another great way to do some high intensity training sessions. Track racing is hugely popular following our success at the olympics so beware that there is sometimes a waiting list for track time.

Manchester Wheelers run one off track nights for club members. To find out when the latest track sessions will take place keep an eye on the track section of our club forum.

For more information on the velodrome in general visit:

Intro to Track Racing (by Jerry Cross)


Why ride the track?


  • It’s fun and exciting.
  • It’s indoors - warm, dry and no mud!
  • Maintains form
  • Improves bike handling, pedalling action and sprinting ability

How can I ride the track?


Taster Sessions: They supply the bikes, the helmet and the coaching. You will be taught the basics of safe track riding and have an hour on the track. You will need to book these sessions in advance.

If you want to ride the SQT (Structured, Quality Training) sessions you’ll need to do the accreditations.  For that you’ll need to follow the process of attending the following sessions and getting the coach to sign you off as ready before booking the next level.

Taster Improver Sessions: Steady riding for those not quite ready for the skills and Induction Sessions.


Manchester Wheelers track night

Track Skills: For riders wishing to progress from the 'Taster' session to Induction level, these sessions are run as a pre-Induction session.

Induction Sessions: Test of track craft for the proficient cyclist, to a level were they can safely partake in the S.Q.T. sessions, accreditation passes will be issued on successful completion. Riders must qualify for this session by successfully completing the Track Skills session.


The Velodrome occasionally have crash courses to complete the whole program in one weekend - talk to the velodrome for details.

Once you have achieved your accreditation you can ride any of the SQT sessions.


Structured Training Sessions

Derny Paced Sessions (SDT) and Sprint Training (SST) Alternate weeks

Specific training for sprinters and derny paced training only. Alternating weekly sessions for accredited riders only. Book in advance.


'A' SQT (Structured Quality Training) (SAT) 

For the proficient (accredited) rider only, the sessions will further develop technique, skill and fitness. No session booking needed.


'B' SQT (Structured Quality Training) (SBT)

For the not so fit - not so fast. Accredited riders only.


Veterans & B SQT (Structured Quality Training) (SVBT)

40 years or better men and women & B riders. Accredited riders only.


Veterans SQT (Structured Quality Training) (SVT)

For 40 years old or better. Accredited riders only.


Madison SQT (SMT) 

Every other Saturday from October to December. Accredited riders only.

The Thursday sessions are normally the busiest, there are additional sessions in the winter on Sunday evenings 8-10pm. These are normally the quietest.


How do I race on the track?

If you’re ready to race you don’t technically have to have accreditation but you do need to have a BC Licence.  It is advisable to have at least a good confidence on the track first!

There are two different leagues at Manchester:

The ACT League on Monday nights

Entries payable 1 week in advance. This league carries licence ranking points .Also open to 2nd Cat Women and 2nd Cat Over 40's. 3rd & 4th Cat Juniors May Ride.

MRTL (Manchester Regional Track League) - two divisions

Friday - 3rd & 4th Cats, Jnr, U16's, Women.

7pm – 10pm, Racing starts at 7.45pm

Tuesday - Elite/1/2/Jnr.
7pm – 10pm, Racing starts at 7.45pm